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Who is behind "Two Million Hearts"?

Why did we choose the Women's shelter in Mödling?

The choice to dedicate the donations to the women's shelter in the Mödling district was made for several reasons. Gudrun herself had a connection to this institution and knew the facility. This project is also known to the initiators of this fundraising campaign. Therefore we also know that the donations really do reach the women. It is an institution that depends on donations and support.


The family and close friends of Gudrun are behind this campaign!

Frauenhaus Möding - Sozialhilfezentrum für werdende Mütter,

gefährdete Frauen und ihre Kinder (SHZ)

Sitz des Vereins: 2340 Mödling, Österreich

Schwester Irmgard: irmgard@twomillionhearts.org